North Lane Deep Green Eco Homes

Due to Covid-19 created disruption to ‘business as normal’ we now have been given an unprecedented second chance to transition to more a sustainable society using a deep green approach to decarbonise our towns and cities, quash inequalities, and improve the lives of us all.

Accelerating action against the climate crisis and ecological collapse is a complex subject with many variables. A key challenge for Architects is to balance the environmental impacts against the needs of the population for improved buildings and infrastructure.

 A new and emerging standard that is set to tackle this challenge head on is the Active House building standard, developed by Velux in Denmark. The standard promotes energy efficiency and sustainable living environments to deliver healthy buildings for people and planet.

Active House developments need to have been designed with robust and holistic stance on the 3 core principles.

1: Energy

Contributes positively to the energy balance of the building via integrated renewable energy sources.

2: Indoor Climate

Creates a healthy indoor living experience, with more ventilation, light and adopting biophilic principles.

3: Environment

An Active House will have a positive impact on the environment throughout its life cycle.

Bills are design flaws.

Humayun Khan, founder of ‘Miracles by Design’ has been a developer for 36 years and has spent the last 12 years designing a new paradigm for sustainable homes. 

Humayun is on a mission to develop accredited Active House homes in the UK which are packed with “deep green eco systems” that can generate income and savings for the residents.

To achieve this ambition Miracles by Design have been working with the Stickland Wright Architectural team, who carry extensive expertise in sustainable design. Project Architect, Jonathan Evans is passionate about promoting the shift to sustainable living through architecture and design. Creating a balanced relationship with the natural world through informed design is an essential shared vision.

North Lane Newhaven

Together, Miracles by Design and Stickland Wright are excited to unveil an exemplar project in this vein. North Lane, Newhaven is a 13-flat development, to the Active House standards, that will offer residents zero bills, substantial indoor planting, and comfortable, healthy internal environments: all predominantly using natural and recycled materials. The build is on target to be completed in February 2021.

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