Choosing Stickland Wright

We understand that choosing the right Design Practice is a pivotal decision that will greatly impact your entire project. Our team takes great pride in our work, and our portfolio speaks to our dedication and skill. Equally important to us is the ability to collaborate closely with our clients, building a strong foundation of trust and understanding from the outset. To facilitate this relationship, we offer a complimentary, in-person consultation for you to share your ambitions, discuss potential approaches to the project, and allow you to assess if we would work well together.


Our process follows the RIBA Plan of Work which provides a well defined framework to ensure key milestones are met at each stage. Depending on the type of project, our activities will be tailored to answer the specifics of the brief at each stage, and our diverse skill set within the team means your project will benefit from a breadth of experience and talent to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Preparation and Brief

After an initial consultation we will seek to identify the strategic brief for the design, listening to your requirements and analysing your needs to assess what the key criteria of the design should be. This stage could include investigating how to maximize your asset, analysing your business case, or assessing what key problems need to be overcome in your home renovation.

Concept Design

This stage explores broad design strategies to establish which route is best for you and your project. We challenge the brief and test out proposals through sketch drawings and space planning exercises, testing the potentials of the site’s occupation against your key requirements.

Developed Design

We will now develop the design by undertaking further research, co-ordinating with our trusted network of consultants and producing additional drawings so that the scope of the project is more fully described. The documents generated from this stage will be sufficient for making a planning submission, creating a budget cost plan or perhaps third-party agreement to the scope of the project. 

Technical Design

At this stage we will define how the proposals will be realised in detail. This will include a greater degree of co-ordination with consultants, potential suppliers, and product manufacturers. We will produce custom details where needed and produce informed design drawings that meet your projects particular needs. The information produced at this stage can be used to seek statutory consents, such as under the Building Regulations or to satisfy any conditions placed on a planning approval. The information can also be used to obtain competitive market pricing for undertaking the construction of the project. 


During this stage those responsible for the construction of the works will take a lead role in the project. We can tailor our works to support the construction activity through design amendments or clarification, a dministration, and inspection. Our role in this stage is as an expert advisor, on hand to help when you need it.

06 & 07
Handover, Close Out and Use

During these stages we will conclude our construction related activities, updating project information as required for distribution to our client and other agreed third parties, ensuring your project is delivered to a high standard.

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