Infinity Foods Kitchen, Brighton

The interior design of a Brighton vegetarian kitchen with a great reputation amongst locals.

Hospitality, Café

We were contacted by Infinity Foods to help them with a refurbishment of their vegetarian café in the heart of Brighton’s North Lanes shopping area. With a very limited budget we set out to address the existing problems. We designed a new counter area to allow customers to be able to see the fresh and colourful food, and increase the efficiency of customer decision making and ordering so that queuing was more effectively managed. We ensured there was plenty of opportunity for the brand to communicate its strong organic ethos and connect with the community via noticeboards and an evolving art gallery as part of the first floor dining space. The existing recessive shopfront was made more prominent through planting and recycled sculptural insects, with the addition of some great people watching seating to the large first floor opening windows.

Café Plans