Newhaven Green, East Sussex

13 flats developed to Active House standard.

CGI images: Miracles by Design

Developments, Sustainable Design

Stickland Wright architecture + interiors have been project architects from the early stages and throughout the detailed design on North Lane Newhaven, we are incredibly excited to see this project now completing onsite. Newhaven Green is a commercial venture by property developer, Miracles by Design, to develop 13 flats to the Active House standard, these are now the UK’s first accredited Active House homes, an amazing achievement by the team.

This new environmental certification ensures buildings offer a healthier and comfortable indoor climate for the occupants without negative impact on the climate – measured in terms of energy, fresh water consumption and the use of sustainable materials. This is a holistic approach to building design that has been adopted in the construction industry and amongst planners and designers.  The flats, in the centre of historic Newhaven, will offer residents zero bills, substantial indoor planting and healthy internal environments, predominantly through the use of natural materials.

Ground Floor Plan Showing 2 Apartments