Our Values

  • Informed design – Our work is experience and research led, enabling us to create relevant an informed design solution for our clients
  • Innovation – No single design solution fits all. We are constantly looking to strengthen our knowledge and understanding to find now and forward-thinking solutions to design problems
  • Collaboration – We are a sum of our parts. Our strength is in the breadth of knowledge and focus on collaboration within both our team and wider network
  • Engagement – We are listeners and analysts, engaging with and responding to our client’s needs. We are engaged with the world around us, keeping informed and connected.
  • Responsible impact – It is our responsibility to place sustainability at the heart of our work, ensuring our projects are low impact. We are conscious and responsible designers.

What we do

Stickland Wright was born of the merging of two distinct businesses, one architecture and the other interior design. We care about creating better buildings, so we invest a good deal in research and development. This activity keeps us agile, helps improve our value to our clients and has enabled us to work effectively in many different areas:

  • Developing ground-breaking low-energy design solutions
  • Nurturing brand identities through design
  • Creating bespoke ‘Grand Design’ solutions for homes
  • Collaborating with communities in the creation of new places
  • Creating new products for international retail and hospitality clients
  • Evolving new Modern Methods of Construction
  • Forensic examination and methodical solutions for Grade 1 listed property
  • Strategic planning of larger rural sites and complex mixed-use urban locations

If you have a project you would like to discuss, we’d love to hear from you.

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Nick Stickland

Architecture Director

Nick Stickland is one of our founding directors and an experienced architect by trade.

Due to his particular experiences he is also, increasingly, a rare breed – the strong all-rounder.

  • A visualisation artist.
  • Concept designer in large commercial practice.
  • A business owner and employer.
  • Contracts administrator to projects in the £10m’s.
  • Expert witness in multi-million pound legal dispute.
  • Technical adviser for the manufacture of modular products.
  • Confidant to developers for project viability.

Nick is undaunted by the challenge of projects, believing that the best solutions are generated through strong relationships and a well thought through process. Nick is motivated by clients who value our experience and skill and who enable us, in turn, to add value to their projects.

Caroline Wright

Interior Design Director

Caroline Wright is the Interior Design Director of Stickland Wright Ltd. and an experienced Interior Designer with extensive experience in commercial and residential sectors. Caroline has a career spanning over 25 years and has worked with large international brands and small start up businesses. Her approach to design is centred on the user experience, ensuring the physical environment positively connects with the end user, and with commercial clients, improves brand perception and business performance.

Caroline and the team work with clients to tease out their narrative and reflect that across their branding and design. She also has a passion for sustainable design, and having recently built her own multi generational passive house, she is keen to bring this expertise to projects where she can.

Caroline understands that to deliver connected design expertise often requires many sectors to be involved. She and her team relish working collaboratively alongside the practice architects to ensure that the design values remain intact throughout the lifespan of the project.

With this core understanding Caroline is undaunted by the challenge of projects. As a team we believe that the best solutions are generated through strong relationships and a well thought through design process

Sophie Law-Smith

Business Manager

Sophie Law-Smith is Stickland Wright’s Business Manager. She is an experienced events, communications, and business development specialist with a strong network across the south coast. Sophie is driven by connecting the silos within the built environment and actively seeks out ways we can work together towards a more sustainable future for the industry.

As well as supporting Stickland Wright, Sophie is active across multiple platforms throughout the Greater Brighton region. She is directing the local initiative founded by Stickland Wright called Design Brighton which was the inspiration behind the national event she is co-director of called FOOTPRINT+, The new annual property show for a zero carbon future held in Brighton every June. Sophie also organises member events for Constructing Excellence Sussex Club, and is a trustee for Hove Civic Society.

Samantha Davies

Senior Architect

Samantha Davies is Stickland Wrights senior Architect with over 20 years’ experience across a number of sectors, most notably in education and in sustainable design. Her in-depth knowledge of LEA’s school legislation, funding and building programmes complements the team’s skills. Samantha has worked on traditional design and build and management contracts as a lead consultant. Samantha enjoys research into new methods of construction and has extensive working knowledge on sustainable methods of construction with practical applications across the Stickland Wright portfolio.

Vicky Willis

Senior Interior Designer

Vicky’s breadth of knowledge traverses Interior Design, Architecture and brand management. Vicky studied art & architectural history at University College London before working in press and marketing at Tate Galleries. She went on to graduate with a master’s in interior design from the University of Brighton 
Vicky’s attention to detail produce and fastidious personality ensures project work is done to the highest standard. In a fast-paced industry Vicky is key to the Stickland Wright development, carrying out regular design and trend analysis across her projects to ensure the final design responds and engages with the end-users. Vicky truly does have her finger on the beating pulse of the design industry.

Justine Bourland

Justine Bourland

Architectural Designer
Justine Bourland

Justine is our architectural designer who is a front-end design specialist, taking lead in transitioning our clients’ initial idea into a deliverable concept design. Justine obtained her masters degree in Architecture from The University of Brighton, receiving the Santander Award for excellence and achievements in Art and Design. She is a French national who is fluent in French, English, Spanish, and some Hungarian, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation with our European projects.

Natasha Champ

Architectural Assistant

Natasha is the newest member of the Stickland Wright team. Full bio coming soon.

Emily Howarth

Interior Designer

Our Interior Designer Emily is the go-to for bespoke detailing. Emily demands the highest quality of finish and is not afraid to put the work in to achieve it on schedule. With this meticulous attention to detail and thorough approach Emily supports both the Interiors and Architectural teams, helping realise some of Brighton’s best-loved restaurants and cafes. Emily is a Brighton born and bred and enjoys contributing to the practice’s community design work throughout the region.

Jonathan Evans

Senior Architect

Jonathan is a well-versed project Architect who specialises in low (zero) energy buildings and use of natural-materials. Having completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Bath he went on to major in Sustainable Buildings Performance and Design at Oxford Brookes University where he learnt a range of skills including IES modelling and PassivHaus Design. Some of his projects (on site / recently completed) include highly efficient modular housing, a 30 homes zero carbon social housing development, and a trailblazing Active-House development. Jonathan has an almost obsessive attention to detail, critical eye and is a trustworthy pair of hands for projects at any stage of development.

Simas Bobelis

Simas Bobelis

Simas Bobelis

Simas started in the industry working on the other side of Architecture, on site. Beginning as a labourer he then gained experience in carpentry and as a decorator, finally worked as a foreman before embarking on the Architectural journey. This breadth of experience has provided him with a unique holistic skillset and a practical 360° knowledge base not commonly found. Alongside this experience, his tenacity and eye for detail, Simas demands and delivers successful resolutions not only for our clients but for himself.

Anna Hobbs


Architect Anna Hobbs has a meticulous attention to detail. She is the project Architect that keeps a cool head under pressure with a root cause analysis approach to problem solving. Anna studied for her undergraduate and masters at Portsmouth University and then qualified as an Architect at the University of the of West England. She has experience with working on award-winning school projects and with large multi-disciplinary teams on public sector projects and large residential builds. Anna’s involvement in the concept design, technical detailing and onsite experience is integral to the growth of the Stickland Wright team.

Now Hiring

Architectural Assistant P1 & Architect

We are on the look out for a new team member to join us.

If you are an Architectural Assistant Part 1 or a fully qualified Architect and looking for your next opportunity we want to hear from you.

Please email your portfolio to [email protected]