If you are seeking ways to reduce the energy consumption of your building, then you’ve come to the perfect destination. At Stickland Wright we have dedicated time investing in the training and software development needed to assess the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon emissions of buildings. Please do get in touch to discover more; our website scratches the surface of the expertise we offer!

Energy Hub

We have developed strategic alliances with specialist companies to bridge delivery gaps in the process, such as LEAF who offer architecturally led retrofit assessors and co-ordinators under PAS:2035 (the BEIS standard for retrofitting).

As Architects and Retrofit Designers we are already helping clients to deliver high quality retrofit to domestic and commercial properties. We have invested in our team to expand our offering to include SAP assessments, detailed building energy modelling and thermal comfort assessments using IES 3D environmental software, which is essential for Building Regulations compliance. We are also able to offer thermal bridge modelling which is required in order to achieving Building Regulations compliance following the updates in the Building regulation in June 2022.

The UK has some of the most poorly insulated building stock in Europe.

Insulating our homes and businesses is essential to counter soaring energy prices and reach the UK’s net zero 2050 target.

Energy Hub Services

Retrofit Designer

Our Architects and Retrofit Designers have formed a strategic alliance with Low Energy Alternate Future (LEAF) who are Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Co-ordinators. This allows us to provide our clients an end-to-end PAS:2035 compliant retrofit service.

Thermal Modelling

We have the in-house capabilities and expertise to produce detailed building energy modelling, thermal comfort assessments and analysis. A thermal model can predict how the temperature in a building will vary from room to room, day and night and throughout the year.

Building Regs Compliance

As of 2022/2023 some key parts of the building regulations have been updated to attempt to reduce the operational energy consumption of buildings. It is important for any development project that you understand the shift in performance parameters. Stickland Wright can help.

SAP assessments

Our in-house team can produce SAP reports for new build dwellings or conversion to a dwelling. SAP compliance is required in order to market a building as they demonstrate Building Regulation compliance and produces EPC’s. 

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