It is much more than simple sticking plaster solutions, to lower building energy consumption. Retrofit done well, re-engineers the fabric of a property to ensure long term improvement in its performance. Stickland Wright is able to offer the role of Retrofit Designer in-house.

Retrofit Designer


Our Architects have extensive knowledge in insulation, heating measures and renewables. We can produce accurate designs taking a fabric first approach to all retrofits. We already work closely with Low Energy Alternate Future (LEAF) who are Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators. This allows us to provide our clients with an end-to-end PAS:2035 compliant retrofit service.

What is PAS2035?

PAS2035 is the overarching document in the retrofit standards framework with which users of the Trustmark Government endorsed quality scheme are required to comply with when carrying out domestic retrofit work. 

What is the role of Retrofit Designer and what does it entail?

The role of ‘Retrofit Designer’ has emerged from the PAS 2035 framework. A Retrofit designer can be engaged on any risk path project under PAS2035 but particularly for a ‘path C’ higher risk project.

This does cover a huge range of Retrofit work however such as installation details for external wall insulation, internal wall insulation, suspended timber floor insulation, pitched roof insulation, flat roof insulation, air tightness measures and all the junctions between these element. All of these elements require carefully designed details to ensure there are no thermal bridges, airtightness details are continuous and importantly, ventilation is considered.

Certainly, where large scale deep retrofit is being carried out to one property or to a number of properties all at once it is essential that a Retrofit Designer works closely with the Retrofit Coordinator to ensure that the Retrofit is designed well, is fit for purpose and will not cause any unintended consequences such as damp and mould build up.

The PAS standards provide a clear end to end guide to completing retrofit rather than only focussing on the installation stage.

Do you need a Retrofit Designer if your project is not required to be PAS2035 compliant?

Technically no, but if you want your retrofit carried out competently with reduced risk of the unintended consequences, which have been historically associated with large scale retrofit of the past then the use of Retrofit Assessors, Coordinators and Designers is a common sense. It is a risk free way to manage a retrofit project.

Do you just carry out Retrofit of non-domestic properties?

No, we also work with non- domestic commercial clients and Local Authorities to make their properties more energy efficient and reduce their carbon emissions. Non domestic building stock such as offices, retail, health, offices and hospitality contribute to up to 70% of the total non-domestic energy consumption.

Heat and electricity account for 30.4% of all GHGs.

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