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Stickland Wright has a long and proven record of making buildings of all ages, conditions, and methods of construction more energy efficient. Whether this is your home or non-domestic building such as offices, schools, or higher education establishments etc. The aim being to reduce primary energy consumption and as a result reduce carbon emissions.

If your project is publicly funded, the PAS2035 * framework will be a mandatory requirement and we can work with our sister company LEAF Low Energy Alternate Future who are Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators to provide the Retrofit Designer role stipulated here.

Are you a householder who simply needs a plan on how to make your house more energy efficient for the long term?

Our sister company LEAF can carry out an assessment of your property and produce a report highlighting the steps you need to carry out to maximise energy efficiency. If you wish to implement these measures, we then work with LEAF to prepare drawings and details for construction. (We may have to engage other specialisms such and mechanical and electrical engineering at this stage).

*What is PAS2035?

A Publicly Available Specification (PAS) which seeks to standardise all retrofitting work.

At present the following funding mechanisms require compliance with PAS 2035 for all domestic energy retrofit projects:

  • The Energy Company Obligation (ECO)
  • The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF)
  • The Sustainable Warmth competition, which comprises of the Local Authority Delivery Phase 3 (LAD3) and Home Upgrade Grant Phase 1 (HUG1)

The role of the Retrofit Designer (building professional) is required under the standard on projects where 3 or more energy efficiency measures are proposed. The interactions between the measures will require architectural details for construction and coordination.

Where large scale deep retrofit is being carried out to one property, or to several properties at once, it is essential that a Retrofit Designer works closely with the Retrofit Coordinator to ensure that the proposals are fit for purpose and will not cause any unintended consequences such as damp ingress or mould build up.

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